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For those staying at Anglia Ruskin on Friday/Saturday nights there are 60 spaces available on a first come first served basis, to be booked when booking accommodation there. Cost £7

For other overnight parking, whether Friday and Saturday nights, or just Saturday night, suggested parks are at Townfield Street (multi storey behind the railway station) and at Fairfield Road (in fact off Coval Lane). If arriving after 5pm on Friday the cost till Sunday am will be £10 or less. (please see website)

For those arriving on Saturday morning and leaving after the closing Eucharist, either of the 2 Park & Rides may be most convenient. (please see website)
Buses from Park & Rides take you to Duke Street beside the Cathedral.

If you are staying on for the evening and have parked at Park & Ride we suggest you collect car from Park &Ride and bring into Fairfield Road. Alternatively just park in Fairfield Road all the time.